06 February 2007

Sneak Peek at the Season Premiere of Kim Possible Season Four

I was snooping around Disney Channel last night getting the schedule of the new Kim Possible episodes for my buddy Chris; when I tripped on the Season Re-opener episode posted on their site to stream down!!!

It rocked so hard!!! It is a perfect way to bring back the series. I enjoyed it so much I watched it twice.

To get to it... click the following:
Disney XD Beta
Once it's loaded... a TV screen will appear with a sidebar on the right that has three arrows pointing right. Click it to expand the play list. Click on the episode entitled "Ill-Suited." Enjoy!

Be warned, a lot of fans have learned of its existence so there servers are pretty slammed during peak times. If it doesn't stream well for you, wait for a less-traffic time... or tune in Saturday night for 4 new episodes!

If you haven't seen "So the Drama" -- you'll want to watch it first before you see the new episodes. "Ill Suited" plays off "So the Drama" a TON! It rules. "So the Drama" can be seen on the link above as well.

Copyright Disney Channel - Boo... and uh... YA!!!Boo... and uh... YA!!!

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