25 July 2007

Our New Piece of Heaven

Here is our new slice of Heaven on Earth. Our new home, a south-facing home in a cul-de-sac of Riverton, Utah. Riverton is a phase-II UTOPIA city, so in a few years, I'll have my long-awaited, much-anticipated daily fiber dose to solve my internet constipation. It's a fantastic place to house our little family of seven and we're more than ecstatic to finally be here!

It didn't come without some hitches; but it came with so many other blessings that we can't complain - (see my previous post with a plethora of praises for all the family and friends that have helped us in this endeavor.)

We moved in on Friday the 13th, and for the superstitious, it was a fantastic good-luck day. In the morning/afternoon, we were able to haul 3 van-loads of stuff over to the house, and we'd already hauled a van and truckload before we listed the house to "declutter" for showing... so when it was time to load the truck, we were down to mostly the big furniture and a small amount of boxes left.

The big stuff move was completed in about 3 hours (from loading the remains of our old home into the truck, to the complete unloading of the truck in the new home.) We had an incredible crew of friends and neighbors that helped not only us, but my wonderful friends and prior next-door neighbors who were also moving that day. It truly was a sight to behold, and a magnificent display of goodwill and service. Both families are eternally grateful.

A good friend of ours (whose name will be withheld to protect said friend from being taken advantage of by others later) graciously surprised us with front-yard landscaping as a gift to celebrate our getting this new home. The "Friday the 13th" luck struck when Riverton decided (not long after the yard was landscaped) to turn off our secondary water for 2.5 days without prior warning. Luckily we're back to soaking the snot out of it (cause we all know grass doesn't grow well when snot is present...) and I think it's going to survive. I'll share pics when it's in good shape again.

We were promptly welcomed into the neighborhood by our wonderful new friends in the cul-de-sac; every one of them a jewel. We're so excited to spend time with them after we graduate from our current hermit status. :)

The house fits us quite comfortably, and we hope to finish a bedroom or two in the basement by the time the twins are 1-year old.

We really feel that some special things are going to happen in our new neighborhood; things we're supposed to be a part of. I'll take and share some photos of the home when we get settled more.

How Much Farther Now, Papa Smurf?

30 weeks and all is well... er, at least as well as could be expected for a very lovely and beautiful pregnant woman that is expecting twins.

That's right, we hit 30 weeks last Saturday. Gwen had a check-up on Monday and an ultrasound two weeks prior. We found out the boys are both growing at the same rate still and are both measuring on time for where we're at in the pregnancy.

Gwen has been handling herself EXTREMELY well (or doing an incredible job putting on a front) considering the circumstances.

In the last 6 months, we've:
  1. Found out we are pregnant
  2. Fount out the baby is really babies
  3. Changed jobs
  4. Sold our house
  5. Bought a new house
  6. Moved into the new house
  7. Prayed everyday that the twins will stay in the Newborn Nook (womb) until at least 34 weeks so we won't have to do additional hospital stay.

Needless to say, fast life changes throw one through a loop. In this case, our whole family has ridden the life-change roller coaster for a few months now...

Thankfully, we haven't killed over from stress, thanks to a load of absolutely amazing people in our lives... namely my mother-in-law, my mom, two of my sisters and incredible neighbors and friends in both our old neighborhood and new neighborhood.

So many people have sacrificed their time, talents and all with which the Lord has blessed them with to help us keep our heads above water during these changes and their various stages. Wonderful friends from our prior neighborhood helped us pack our home while I was making the transition to my new place of employment and the 120-degree sun-bake commute home after the workday ended (that's right, I have no A/C in my car; but hey... it's paid for so sacrifices must be made. *cackle!*)

We had folks bringing meals every other weeknight to help with the lack of time to keep on top of handling dinner, getting the kids ready for bed, taking care of my beautiful pregnant wife's needs, getting ready for a move, etc.

Without the help of the village pulling together in our behalf, we would never have survived Hurricane Ka-Change-a... so to all that have and continue to help us...


May the Lord bless all of you for your infinite kindness and charity on our behalf. We hope we can someday repay all the kindness and/or pay-it-forward as we always try to do. You're wonderful and we're so grateful to have you as family and friends forever.

Here's to holding out for 4 more weeks! We'll keep you posted.