04 February 2008

Faith Can Move Mountains...

... Apparently, so can a snow shovel ...

Mountains of snow, almost as tall as Brennan

Our mountain is almost as tall as Brennan! Let me show you how we got to this point today...

Looking out the garage door just before opening it for the first time this morning

We woke up at 7:15am this morning and saw that the snow was coming down. We proceeded to get the three older kids ready for church while the snow continued to fall. A little after 9:00am when it was past time to leave for Church, I decided to devise my plan of attack for getting myself, Brennan, Mandi and Kimmie without getting ourselves killed or ultra-wet from the snow. (The funny thing about that is, the Church building we attend is right behind the house across the street from us.)

Anyway, I went into the garage and opened the door to see about taking the kids in our minivan. The photos above and below show that the snow had drifted up against the garage door nearly as high as our minivan bumper...

Vantastic; I can't even get out of the garage!!!

So, time for "plan B"; we'll *gulp* try to WALK to church. So I open the front door and see that we have a lovely foot-and-a-half of snow drifted up against it.

Snow drifted up against the front door.

This is around 9:15am; mind you it snowed continuously the entire 2 hours we'd been awake... and who knows how long prior?! All I know is that it looked like the photo below when it was time to leave for Church.

I knew I couldn't take the van because, not only would it not make it out of my driveway, but even if it could, it WOULDN'T make it out of the cul-de-sac.

Morning blizzard

So we waited it out more, and it finally subsided around 11:45am. By then we saw most of our neighbors out trying to shovel/snowblow/plow their sidewalks and driveways. We learned that Church had been cancelled after Sacrament Meeting so that everyone could dig themselves out; then help unbury any neighbors that were unable to do so.

We made our way out to start the moving of the mountain. We let the kids come out with us. It was up to their knees/waist and it was amusing to watch them try to traverse the fluffy white obstacle course that was our sloped driveway.

3.5 hours after starting the shoveling process, we reached the result you see at the top of this entry.

Fortunately while we were accomplishing this goal, the good city we live in sent their plows out to clear our cul-de-sac. The fine gentleman driving the plow not only pushed the snow out of the cul-de-sac; but helped us clear the end of our driveway, so our cars could actually get out into the circle.

When he finished, he stopped to talk with us for a couple minutes; letting us know that Riverton will always send a plow to handle our cul-de-sac on the days we get 6 inches or more of snow. Kudos! I might actually be able to get to work now...