30 September 2017

Family Photo Reenactments

Our stake came up with a fun family activity that we decided to do a few Family Home Evenings ago.  The activity was to find old family photos and reenact them.  Some moments we catch on camera are just priceless, and we found a few of the kids from when we first moved into our home.  After looking at them and remembering the fun memories, we realized that we still have a lot of the same stuff in our home that appears in the photos.  So we had the kids reenact them and had so much fun we wanted to share.

Enjoy!  And DO try this at home!!!

#LoveOurFam #FamilesAreForever #GladWhenTheCameraWorksAtTheRightMoment

The first is Kimmie rocking out pretending she is part of the cast of Camp Rock, using an old Hannah Montana microphone/clock.  Andrew, around 1-year-old at the time is laying behind watching.

The next one features the twins, again around one-year-old, sitting on the couch propped up with some pillows.  9 years later, they're quite a bit bigger.

The final one is with Mandy sitting on the couch, holding some custom Build-A-Bear stuffed animals she made on different birthdays.  The new photo is 6 years later...