01 November 2010

Kim Possible DVD Box Sets for USA Are Finally Here!!!

BOOYA!!!  You heard right folks... I'm not sure why it took Disney so dang long (Germany has had them for quite some time) but they finally have USA versions available of the Kim Possible Season 1 and Season 2 DVD box sets!  That's the good news...

The bad news... Here's the sitch: only 2 seasons are available at this point and they're only available through the Disney Movie Club.

New KP DVD Box Set Listing on Disney Movie Club
If we want the other sets, we need to get ordering these as soon as possible.  I know it sucks that you have to be a member of the club, but hey, if you join, I believe you get your first several movies at a deep discount; I just don't know if the box set DVDs are included in what you can select for those first few.

(Will one of you out there new-to-the-club that joins and purchases the KP box sets please report back here and let us know if you get them at discount or have to buy from the catalog after the initial order, please and thank you?!)

Feel free to let me refer you so I can get some free movies too!  :)

What's so funny about the timing of all this, is that I'd waited and waited and waited after finding out Disney had released these in Germany so long ago; in hopes they'd finally hit the USA.  I'd even checked the Disney Movie Club catalog several times in the past, but to no avail.

Two or three weeks ago, I finally broke down and bought the Region 2 versions from Amazon Germany, only to get an email from the ultra-cool peeps at Save Disney Shows that informed me the boxed sets were now available to USA customers via the Disney Movie Club.  Looks like I'll own both copies.  heh

So don't delay, go join the club if you haven't already and get your Kim Possible boxed sets today... I want the other two sets!

(As of this writing, I didn't see them available on Blu-Ray, but I'm not worried about it, since they're probably not planning on re-mastering in a higher resolution.  I'll take what I can get.

I've already ordered mine!!!  Go get yours today.


Meri said...

I ended up ordering mine along with my feature film: fantasia and got each season for 12 bucks... hope they put the other two seasons out.

That One Guy said...

I hope they do too; and I'm still mad they didn't release these in the retail stores. How are people supposed to find out about them if they're only exclusive to their club?!

I'm hoping that Google sets this page high in a search for "Kim Possible DVDs" (and similar search phrases) so people that don't know can find out and get their hands on them.

I'll be sure to post here as soon as I hear news of other seasons being published. Please do the same if you hear before I do!

Jenni King said...

they don't seem to have them on the disney movie club anymore. Which is a bummer. I have been dying to have these DVDs for years and I'm so disappointed that I missed the one time they were available.

That One Guy said...

@Pixie: Are you already a member of the club?

If you were looking through the catalog as someone looking to join, it is quite limited from what members get to see.

The Kim Possible seasons should still be there if you look in the catalog as a logged-in member.

Hope that helps! :)