30 November 2010

Knights of the Rectangle Table

It was an afternoon much like 12 November, when the Riverton Raccoons and the Willow Springs Wildcats faced off in Mandi's first chess tournament.

Eagerly anticipating her next challenge...

Mandi has been involved in chess clubs at school for the past couple of years, and this year decided she wanted to compete in a tournament.

Mandi carefully trying to trap her opponent.
The yellow queen Mandi is holding in her left hand is a prize she won during a raffle at the tournament.
It has become one of her most prized possessions.

 She did very well, playing three games and winning her last two.  She took 5th place for her grade and helped her school win the tournament.

Mandi showing off her 5th place trophy.

It was a great time, and fun to watch Mandi play.  She has since challenged me several times at home, where I've been able to squeak by with a few wins.

Tonight (28 November 2010) was a different story... We played twice and she put me in checkmate both times; one of them being what we thought was "Fool's Mate"... but it took her five moves, not two (I'm not THAT dumb... ok, that's subjective.)  I guess I'd better get practicing!


Russell said...

Sweet! Chess is the game of kings! And, in this case, Queens :)

That One Guy said...

And how! She caught me off guard the other day, and schooled me with the 4-move checkmate that Scott Blake pulled on me the first time he played Chess with me.

Good times. :)

ThatOnePowerPuffGirl™ said...

Hey, Dad! That four-move checkmate is Fool's Mate in my chess club... because I don't see how I could get you in checkmate in TWO moves!!!