25 October 2009

Random Pictures

I've had a friend bug me to put some recent pictures of my kids up for her to see. Here you go, Emilie!

Here's Brennan at his 5th grade State Fair. We had fun learning about his state and trying to figure out what to put on his float. It was hard to make a clay mountain that looks like Mount Rushmore!

Here's Mandi and Kimmie at Author's Night. Mandi's 2nd grade teacher asked Mandi to submit a poem for a writing contest. Mandi's poem was printed in a book with all the winners' writings!

Kimmie loves the camera. She asks me all the time to take her picture just because. This is one such time. What a cutie!

Here are my twin rug rats. Ryan is on the left. Andrew is on the right. They keep me more than busy and always on my toes!

I had to put in this picture of Brennan and Jeff. This is Brennan's first real suit. He was so excited to become a deacon! (Check out how tall he is compared to Jeff.)

16 October 2009

Kids are So Much Fun!

My twin boys are so ingenious! They love to climb, so all our kitchen chairs stay in the laundry room until they are ready to be occupied at the table. That does not stop Ryan and Andrew! They pulled out the dish drainer, turned it over, and used it as a stool to pull the rolls and muffins down from off the counter. Then Andrew pushed it over to the fridge to try and get himself a drink of water! (And I would have had a picture of Andrew at the fridge, but Kimmie had too much fun with the camera earlier in the day--the camera shut off before I could snap the shutter!)