12 December 2008

The Daughters of December Delight in Their Birthday Celebrations

This month, my two princesses celebrated their birthdays. I, without bias, have the cutest daughters in the entire world.

Kimmie awoke on her birthday to find a makeshift "throne" awaiting her. I got to perform the coronation as we placed tiara on her head, with matching earrings and "royal insignia ring."

Princess Kimmie

Here "wii" see our Princess (Peach?) in her royal throne, proudly holding her royal wand and wii remote; all ready to play Enchanted Journey or Hannah Montana.

Incidentally, as part of the passage-to-princesshood, Kimmie decided she was old enough and too big for her binky and burpcloth (which were the "security blanket" for going to sleep.) She promptly threw them in the garbage birthday morning, never to be seen again. We're proud of our princess.

Later, Kimmie was presented with her palace (which "ruled" because she got to eat it after!) And what's this?! Disney Princess toys to keep and play with after? Uh-BOOYA!

Castle Kimmie

This castle cake was freakin' cute; especially her her royal-higness' picture on top in a fun stand-up frame.

Princess Kimmie and Her Birthday Castle

She wasn't proud of her cake at all. Heck, skip the cake; Kimmie's cute enough to nibble in this picture. :)

Hannah Kimtana!!!

And what birthday would be complete without a microphone that lets you sing with FM radio?! That's right... it's Hannah Kimtana! :) Princess and Pop-Star... Pop-Star Princess; it truly was 'the best of both worlds.'

... Then came Mandi's Birthday ...

Mandi received a new addition to her Littlest Pet Shop collection when she awoke on her birthday.

Mandi excited about her Littlest Pet Shop

... She wasn't at all excited ... Mandi and Kimmie immediately began playing with it; and it must've been some kind of crazy cool, because Brennan even got in on the action for a few minutes. (No I don't have incriminating pictures... and if I did, they'd be saved for his dates when he comes of age.) ;)

Mandi and Kimmie excited about Mandi's Knight Rider game for the PC

Our family has been really into the original Knight Rider show. It has become a family tradition as we watch through the entire collection (we're in the middle of season 3 currently) and all the kids eagerly anticipate the next episode. They nag us on a nightly basis to watch another "new" episode (which I don't mind... I'm loving going back through the show; but that's another story for another day.)

Needless to say, Mandi included the Knight Rider video game on her birthday wish list. We, thanks to Amazon were able to deliver!

Mandi with Daddy and Ryan being silly

This is Mandi after receiving her game... with myself being silly and exchanging giggles with Ryan. Proof that being a Daddy sure has its moments and is completely worth it.

Mandi and her birthday 'cake'

Mandi's "cake" was comprised of pumpkin-chocolate-chip cookies stacked together with frosting between for "mortar." It was tasty and we had a good time enjoying it. Mandi's bowling birthday party is this weekend with her friends; and she'll have a cool cake that she picked out for it. I haven't seen it yet, so I look forward to it; especially if it's cool like Kimmie's!

Mandi blows out her candles

I caught a fun shot of Mandi blowing out her candles. The smoke from the candles came flying at me and I started coughing directly after... but was able to snap the shot before that happened.

I hope you get your wish, Mandi!

Mandi eating her birthday 'cake'

And finally, Mandi enjoying her "cake" ... Mommy's food is always so yummy!

For the record, Kimmie took this picture. I'm thinking she has a bright future in photography if she wants.

Happy Birthday Mandi and Kimmie! I love you my sweet darling princesses!