12 February 2007

Kim Possible - Still the Best Show EVER Made

When I first heard about Kim Possible coming back for a fourth season after being shutdown at the end of the third, I was skeptical.

Disney has had a really bad habit with their movies of getting really killer voice talent for the first movie; then releasing a sequel where none of the famous voice talent returns - and it usually makes for a horrible show, even in the rare times the sequel's story is good.

But after fans blasted Disney with the help of the Save Disney Shows website, they announced that Kim Possible would be returning for a fourth season.

While I was ecstatic to get more shows, I was worried that now that the team was on to other projects, their heart wouldn't be into it like it was with the first three seasons and that they wouldn't be able to get the ultra-cool voice talents back for this new season.

I'm so very happy to say I was wrong on both counts. I found out early on that the voice talents were returning and it appears the same writers/producers are back as well.

To celebrate the start of Season Four - Disney Channel aired four new episodes on 10 February - and they all ROCKED! The crew is having as much or more fun with this new season than they did with the first three. There were several dialogue references to past episodes, Wade came out of his room again and found himself crushing on Monique, Ashley Tisdale (from Disney Channels' smash hit "High School Musical and the Suite Life of Zack & Cody) makes a cameo as a superstar villain and we got to see the returns of several other classic villains: (Dr. Dementor, Shego, the Senor Seniors and cameos by Doctor Drakken and Frugal Lucre (who called it?!) who happen to be prison cell-mates.) Kim finds herself with a new souped-up car that her twin little bros, the Tweebs will be enhancing throughout the season.

Next Saturday promises another new episode with Motor Ed - should be a lot of fun.

So, many thanks and kudos to the folks at Disney Channel for bringing us another season of fun with Ron, Kim, Wade and Rufus! And hopefully the Save Disney Shows crew will help bring about the DVD boxed sets and a theatrical release as well.

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