23 February 2007

Kim Possible Season Pass - Why My Life Just Got Better With iTunes

The internet is changing the way we do things...

I gave up Disney Channel when Comcast came to finally block it after three-and-a-half years of neglect just before Christmas 2006. This was a hard choice to make since the Best Show Ever Made (yes, that would be Kim Possible...) was about to start its long-awaited fourth season.

Well, this morning (1:00am) when I locked my computer and was heading up for some sleep ... I had the feeling to go check iTunes and see if they'd put any of the four new episodes from the season kickoff up for download yet.

So I came back to my computer, fired up iTunes, browsed to KP and lo-and-behold... for less than one month of Comcast, iTunes offered me the option to purchase a "Season Pass" for Season 4 of Kim Possible.

As I type, I'm downloading all five of the already aired episodes and as new ones are released, they'll be automatically downloaded to my machine... the only thing better would be for Disney to start releasing the DVD boxed sets we've been begging for years to have.

If you're interested, and you know you are... make sure you've watched "So the Drama" and then go hook yourself up with the Season Pass at the Kim Possible page on iTunes. Enjoy!!! I know I will!

So... who needs cable TV -- we've got Internet... Viva le UTOPIA! I so need to get a house in Riverton... since my current city Taylorsville went all dorkwad and pulled out of UTOPIA -- but that's another story for another blog... but the moral of the story: Internet - the way we do things now -- embrace it, fear it... love it, download it...

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