12 February 2007

FNG Turkey Bowl 2006 (happened in 2007)

My Friday Night Gaming crew held our annual Turkey Bowl for 2006 a little later than normal (had to postpone twice from the original scheduled date in 2006.)

It was a fun time despite only having three of the seven committed riders there. Hopefully we'll be able to do a rematch later; especially on the Accelerate track.

The Accelerate track is a figure eight that goes very fast and has a high probability of collision with a bunch of players riding at the same time. There were a couple other tracks with a lot of crossover points as well.

"Bail Jumper" has some high-flying fun to it and despite its horrible spline (the method used for determining the track's boundaries so people stay on the track and don't take cuts...) was deemed the FNG favorite new track for this year's bowl.

We definitely had better luck with connectivity this year... which is good considering the first bowls had many people failing to connect or dropping out of the game prematurely due to connection issues and game crashes. Maybe having the Turkey Bowl on a weekend other than Thanksgiving weekend is a good idea. :) We'll have to rename it.

Anyway, check out the recap over at the Friday Night Gaming site.

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