23 March 2009

Baaaad to the Bone - Shear Goodness

Don't be "sheep"ish, ewe must watch this. (I'm assuming no sheep were harmed during the filming of this YouTube video.)

Seriously though, this video is a must-see. Thank heavens for YouTube. It keeps life enjoyable.
Thanks, Russ for the link! It reminds me of the video game "Sheep" I played years ago on PC. Good times.


Addendum: I know, I know... I've been gone for months, and this is the first post I could do?! I know many have been waiting for some other entries (like a pic of Mandi's baptism; coming next) ... but this was a quick post I could throw up here quick, so enjoy whilst I get my othe catch-up posts drafted. More to come...

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