26 March 2009

Andrew the Bon-Diggity Dancer

Andrew inherited Gwen's dancer genes. And it shows... as before he reached 18 months, he was bustin' some serious dance moves in our living room, to the beat of the Cheetah Girls.

Pay special attention to the part where the Cheetah Girls kick in some a cappella; he drops to all fours and gets his groove on! Very impressive!

Go Drew... Go Drew... Go Drew...

You'll see my daughters dancing in here too... Kimmie is a little Diva and I think her jamming-out skills have rubbed off on Andrew a little too.



holmesfam.blogspot.com said...

That was great...I think his turns in his dances are fantastic (and totally on beat.) Thanks for sharing!

That One Guy said...

Thanks! He gets it from Gwen. ;)