25 March 2007

The Prayer of the Children

Listening to children pray is one of life's greater pleasures.

My youngest, Kimmie is very thankful in her prayers. She always makes it a point to thank Heavenly Father for everyone in our family (as of late, this occurs multiple times in the same prayer...) and then commences with speaking in tongues. Some sort of ultra-cool jibberish starts flowing from her mouth for a few seconds and then a pause, a sly grin, and then more thanking for family members. I don't know if she's just trying to emulate mommy and daddy's long-winded and boring-for-kids prayers, but whatever it is, it rocks.

Mandi, my second oldest who caught on to our prayers for protection started a tradition in the children's prayers to say, "Please keep us safe from harm and accident (and purposes)..."

Yes, the prayer of the children is glorious to be a part of. Most of the time they end up sounding like vain repetition, but kids are innocent and have no clue what that even means; so I'm convinced they really mean it everyday... that is until they're saying that same prayer so fast it sounds like they're speaking in tongues as well. Maybe that's where Kimmie gets it from.

The best is, those quiet moments during family prayer, when you know they really have some concerns on their mind; they pause for a moment during their prayer and then ask for something completely unexpected that touches your heart for good. It's those moments where you feel the Spirit touch your soul, and you know that Heavenly Father is hearing them.

Thank God for kids... (you never know, next time you're trying to have one, He'll give you an added bonus like He has with us!)


Anonymous said...

I CAN'T WAIT to have Avery say her night time prayers with me (and her dad.) I pray every day, night and many times in between (I'm a good Catholic after all, we pray constantly!) and I can honestly say that prayer makes me feel everything will be okay no matter what the outcome of any situation. Inner peace. When I hear Avery say her first 'Amen' I am sure it will make my heart swell. Great post, Jeff!

That One Guy said...

It is the coolest thing, Jen!

And it gets even cooler when they aren't just repeating you when you're assisting.

Kimmie is starting to do that some, and she totally took control the other night when my sister Tiff was over with her two kids. Kimmie said the blessing on the food, and while she was thanking God for everything under the Sun... I felt like I needed to reign her back in before the other kids started getting rambunctious. She promptly put me back in my place and continued with her own thanks and blessings and closed the prayer on her own.

It seriously ruled.

Speaking of Tiff, we need to all get together sometime! I'm sure she'd love to see how you're doing. :) Come to the Jordan Centennial! And we'll get together at one of our homes sometime too.

Thanks for the comments, Jen; and keep keepin' the faith! The Lord is wonderful.