17 March 2007

Getting Back the Green

So it's St. Patrick's Day... and with the focus being on the color green, I figured I'd share some of our good news.

See, when we first moved into our current home, we were almost debt-free (all we had were Gwen's school loans and a car payment besides the house payment.) It felt nice. As we all experience, things happen sometimes and some forced debt ensues. That stuff is a nasty evil demon bugger to pay off... but I'm happy to announce that, thanks to a generous bonus from work... we nailed down almost all of the rest of our remaining debt. Next month its gone except for our minivan payment and the house and we're doing a Little Green Happy Dance!

For the sake of not making you sick, I'll spare the video clips of said dance. Nevertheless, there is much rejoicing *yaaaaaaaay*

Becoming debt free is an invigorating and wonderful feeling, with emphasis on the word free.

Of course this is just in time to go plunge into bigger house debt, so the dance is again cut short. hehe!

Still, it's quite a feeling of accomplishment to get that crap out of your hair and know that money can go towards the home and children (especially now that we're going from 3 to 5 children!)

So, enjoy the day of green... I know we will. :)

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