01 January 2007

Freudian Slip of the Tongue

Kimmie turned 2 at the beginning of December; and has been learning to speak quite well. That is, except for when it comes to words starting with the letter "B."

She says "Brennan" and "binky" fine, but when it comes to other B words she's learning, she'll usually find some other letter to interject in proxy... for instance, she must have a burp-cloth with her binky when lying down to rest (it's like her "blanky" only a smaller version...) She will ask for them together when she's ready for them: "Binky gurcloth?!"

Mind you it's not always the same letter she uses to substitute for the letter B.

We have a rewards program we've been doing with our older two children. As they obey or do something nice without being asked, we'll often reward them with a "Bonus Buck." These are fake bills we've generated that they can save up until they wish to buy something; at which point we as parents convert it to real money or let them give the "Bonus Bucks" to the cashier at the store to purchase their merchandise (whilst swiping the other plastic representation of money the store REALLY accepts as legal tender.) But I digress...

Kimmie has caught on to the "Bonus Buck" thing and has been requesting her own when she notices we're handing some out to her older siblings. Tonight she held her hand out for one, and as I gave it to her... she proceeded to smile beamingly and announce her proud ownership of her very own Bonus Buck.

And tonight, she declared that ever so clearly when she exchanged the letter B with the letter F.

Needless to say, I laughed so hard I nearly had to change my pants. Did I mention that kids rule?!

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