26 January 2007

Attention all Multi-Level Marketers... I'm NOT Interested!!!

It never ceases to amaze me the tactics Multi-Level-Marketers (or Pyramid Schemers, or Scamwayers or whatever other terms you're familiar with -- it's all the same... yes, MLMers, IT'S ALL THE SAME!!!) use to try to get people on-board to make them money.

I get a phone call last night from a guy who was referred to me by a friend. It was a friend that knows I'm not now, nor ever will be, interested in MLMs because they asked to remain anonymous; or the guy on the phone lied to me.

What I love is that they act like they already know you and are sure you're the one to get involved in this highly (and quickly) profitable company and that I just MUST get on board with all the benefits that these programs have to offer.

I love the claims they make...

  • "I was sick of making other people money..."

    What do you think you're doing now? You're under someone else and your cha-ching is trickling into their pockets... not to mention you're busy trying to get me under you so I can do the same for you... hello?!?!?!!!

  • "I was tired of not having time with my family..."

    Um... you're calling me at night which means you're not spending time with your family - you're busy bothering me on the phone trying to get me to sell-out my friends and family in the pursuit of the green.

  • "You sound like the perfect person for this..."

    Dude, you've spoken to me for a total of 2 minutes on the phone... if you're able to make that kind of accurate judgment call - YOU'RE in the wrong line of work...

  • "The person that referred you wishes to be anonymous..."

    That tells me they truly believe in what you're doing... that or they couldn't get you off their case until they gave you some names; so they gave you some to get you to leave them alone... Either way, I'm still not interested...

Friends, I love you. I love keeping in touch with you. I don't love keeping in touch if your only motive of doing so is to get me in your MLM projects. I hate MLM projects... I hate the tension they put into relationships that were otherwise solid... I hate how pushy people are with them, I hate the fact that I've built websites for some and they've been crooked, corrupt, evil companies that only like to take money from their downline suckers and don't like to pay their own bills.

Also, if the person calling me about the MLM IS my friend... don't pull an ACN groveling technique saying you need a favor. Groveling tells people you don't truly believe in the product/program you're selling, so why on Earth would they join?!

Please don't refer me anymore to MLMs... If you're doing it to get them to leave you alone, that's one thing -- but don't "remain anonymous" ... contact me and warn me before they call so I know what's coming.

If you're referring because you think I'll get hooked up... I NEVER WILL - so please stop referring.

-- End of Rant --


Anonymous said...

Amen brother! And BTW - I swear it wasn't me.

That One Guy said...

Heh... no doubt Clint... you've shared the MLM pain in more ways than just being approached *mumbling something about a certain MLM whose name won't be mentioned but starts with HBO and ends rhyming with Lax Academy under his breath*...

Anonymous said...

Amen and,,,, oooh, AAAAAMMMMEEEENNNNN!