21 November 2006

Childlike Wonder

My kids rule.

No really, they do. I know... every parent says that about their kids; and they're absolutely right. They're always doing humourous and wonderful things; often times to the causing of pain in a parent's gut from laughing long and loud with youthful abandon.

Here are some recent antecdotes of cool and funny things my children have done (another can be read here...):

  • Mandi, our Kindergartener tested at a 3rd grade level plus 3 months in reading - Those of you that know her probably aren't surprised. She rocks.

  • Brennan is excelling in mathematics and spelling - Those of you that know him wouldn't be surprised either. He rolls.

  • Kimmie, well... let's just say she's been up to some very interesting things:

First, I came home from work the other day and Gwen told me that Kimmie had spoken her first four-word sentence. Can you guess what it was?!
"Go away now, Mommy."

The other night we were at the dinner table. You know those burps that just sneak attack you and their out (barely managing to refrain from extra projectile surprise) by the time you've realized it hit? Yeah, you know the ones I'm talking about. Well, my beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful, sweet, prim and proper wife had the joy of belting one of those out that night.
Kimmie's response...
"Good girl!" *clapping as she says it.*

Last night we were saying our family prayers together. When we gather for family prayers, we usually let all of the kids have a turn, followed by Mommy or Daddy wrapping it up with a prayer of our own.

Nearing the end of our prayers, we got a phone call. It was a call I needed to take. As I left the room to answer the phone, Kimmie knelt down on the floor to offer a prayer of her own.

Kimmie is a very thankful sort:
"... thank you for Mommy, for Daddy, for Brennan, and Mandi, and Kimmie ... and TV, aaaaand hawk-a-let (chocolate), and [insert favorite cute non-articulate jabbering] here ... aaaaand for nose, and ear, and belly button... aaaaand diaper, and poop."

It's the little things that make us happy... and what a good lesson in being grateful. We should all be grateful for our poop, really... cause you know, if you couldn't, well, let's just say our insides ... it wouldn't be pretty.

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