19 October 2006

Miss a new Kim Possible episode... Im Possible!!!

Those that know me know that I follow one TV show faithfully and one show only... Kim Possible.

Disney has this silly rule that a series can air for three seasonsKim Possible - The Greatest Animated Series Ever Made... EVER! and then it's done. They've broken the mold with their series "That's So Raven"; and my friends at Save Kim Possible (SaveDisneyShows.org) have been working tirelessly to make Disney abandon the rule for the Best Animated Series EVER Made. They've succeeded and are continuing to demand boxed sets, a theatrical movie and other cool things.

So rumors had been floating around that new episodes were starting to air this fall. I hadn't heard anything on Disney Channel (which is allowing people to watch free episodes on their site currently, so I highly recommend if you have broadband and haven't seen Kim Possible -- go check it out...) so I started snooping around on TV.com to see what I could dig up.

I found the episode guide which mentions that a new episode "Trading Faces" had aired on 1 October 2006... Needless to say, I about messed my pants.

Continuing my search, I went to Disney Channel's complete schedule. They have an option to look at a list of all the episodes and see short descriptions (and see when they're airing if they're airing within a week or so.) I didn't see anything about "Trading Faces," so I contacted the gang at SaveDisneyShows.org. They were very helpful in telling me that Bob Schooley from the Kim Possible crew said that new episodes will start airing in February 2007. Whew! Life is good again.

** For those interested in checking out a free episode of Kim Possible on DisneyChannel.com, I highly recommend the Halloween episode. Go to the Hauntoberfest playlist and click on the "Kim Possible - October 31" episode. Enjoy! (Also check out the "American Dragon: Jake Long" and "Phil of the Future" Halloween episodes; they're fun too.)

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