16 October 2006

I'm a blumberjack and I'm okay...

So I finally gave in and decided to start sawing blogs. This is an experiment on several different levels.

The first is to see how good Google ads can REALLY match the content of one's site.

The second is to see how much my awful lack of communication skills can keep people's attention (despite my random babblings.) I am, as it were, the King of Babble-On. Don't believe me? Ask any of my friends (especially the ones I pay to stay as such.)

The third is to see if blogging this way really will be faster than the hand-coded HTML wanna-be blogs I've had running on my various other sites, of which I've had about as much time to update as a full-bottle of ketchup at a restaurant has to dispense fry-dipping goodness onto my plate.

So, from now on this will be my senseless, unfocused place to blather until I figure out how these silly things known as "blog" really work, and find out if they're worth it. Here I will attempt to entertain, vent, laugh about myself and my cute little family, Video Games me and my Friday Night Gaming crew are into, software development (including my much neglected and desperately needing attention JavaScript Jedi site), other technology babblings, goings-on about different groups of friends I'm trying to keep in touch with and more.

If my experiment succeeds, you'll see more of these popping up to go along with my other sites... so I might be able to keep them a little more up-to-date.

I hope you enjoy your stay here; cause heaven knows there are plenty other time-wasting blogs for you to go spend your time with... ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Blogging rules! At least I think so. Thanks for adding my blog to your PRIDE page--and welcome to the bloggin world. Now we just have to convince the rest of the world that it is a good way to communicate (even if somewhat self-centered), and a good way to keep up with other people.