25 August 2009

Going Back to the 80's

With all the talk lately about Def Leppard, Poison, Depeche Mode concerts and more... I couldn't resist throwing up my own little throwback to the 80's:

Photon - the first laser tag arena in Utah

This one goes out to my good friend Russ Peacock. Remember when, my friend?! Good times... good times... :)

(Oh, and yes, that's me with a mullet; and yes, that's my gargantuan tongue; and yes, I'm proud of it!)

For those that don't know, Photon was the first laser tag arena in Utah. It was located across the street from The Sports Park (remember that?) just West of I-15 near the 9000 South exit. Its building has since been several other things, including Paintball Planet, but I'll always remember it as the place Russ and I used to go kick trash and take names as laser tag champions; or so we thought... til the one day we got ganged up on! I know you remember that one, Russ.


holmesfam.blogspot.com said...

You havn't changed a bit have you?

That One Guy said...

Considering that my hair is getting that long again, the only thing that's changed is that I have glasses now. :)

Stephanie said...

yes the good o'l days of being carefree and reckless, and so sure of ones self :) Thanks for sharing..

Jessica said...

Wow Jeff. I would not have even recognized you! Well... maybe I would without the tongue hanging out. :-D I love the hair! What a kick it would be to have known you then!