07 June 2009

What An AWESOME Birthday!

I just had an awesome birthday and had to blog about it. It all started with a breakfast of ham, egg and cheese omelets, toast, grapes and milk--made by Jeff! Anyone who knows Jeff knows what a great feat that is. It was wonderful! The rest of the morning went on normally with Jeff heading off to work and the kids enjoying another off-track day of playing. Then there came a knock at the door around noon. It was the florist delivery guy with a delivery for me. He let me sign his log, then ran back to the truck to get the delivery. My mouth dropped open when he returned to the door with this! (The picture still doesn't do it justice. You really had to see it in person to behold it's greatness.)

I was breathless from the sight of this gorgeous vase of roses--then I read the card. "One rose for every year this world has been blessed with your presence. Thanks for letting me share 40% of your life so far!" Happy tears followed. The day ended with dinner at Village Inn with family and french silk pie! I have a wonderful husband. Thanks again, Jeffie, for an awesome day of love and surprises!


holmesfam.blogspot.com said...

Wow those roses are HUGE! I hope you had a wonderful day Gwen!

That One Guy said...

I'm so glad breakfast didn't kill you off, Bebe; and I'm glad you enjoyed your day. I still feel it wasn't enough... you deserve more! :)

We went out to dinner before I had come home from work, so all I had seen was the first picture in this blog entry (no one standing by them for perspective.) on the camera.

Gwen had told me they were big, and they looked big in the picture; but when I got home, I about crapped my pants when I saw them for real. They were certainly the biggest vase of flowers I've ever seen.

Of course, when I ordered them, the only way for me to get enough roses to match her age (yeah, we're getting old...) was to order two arrangements.

Luckily the nice employee noticed the note to be put on the card and she called me to see if I wanted them all in one arrangement.

Never in my entire life did I imagine an arrangement THAT big! We measured from base to the tallest rose, and it was one-inch shy of 4-feet-tall! Ummm, wow.

Thanks Flower Patch! You definitely exceeded expectations this time!