30 October 2008

Thoughts About This Year's Election

1. Educate Yourself
2. Pick Your Candidate
3. Vote

1. Educate Yourself
When I say "Educate Yourself" I'm not talking about watching TV and learning about things through that medium alone. As you may or may not know, they only give the limelight to the two "major" parties.

There are 7 sets of candidates running for President/Vice President this year. You need to know about each and every one of them to truly be an "informed voter."

I'm providing links to all of their websites so you can go find out what they're about on your own without media influence (well, unless you find YouTube videos or other places with these candidates on television programs, etc.)

The Presidential/Vice-Presidential Candidates: (in alphabetical order by Presidential candidate's last name; list comes from the 2008 Utah Voter Information Pamphlet)

Constitution Party
Charles O. "Chuck" Baldwin (President)
Darrel Castle (Vice President)
Constitution Party Website
Baldwin/Castle Campaign Website

Libertarian Party
Bob Barr (President)
Wayne A. Root (Vice President)
Libertarian Party Website
Bob Barr Presidential Campaign Website

Party for Socialism and Liberation
Gloria La Riva (President)
Eugene Puryear (Vice President)
Party for Socialism and Liberation Website
La Riva/Puryear Campaign Website

Republican Party
John McCain (President)
Sarah Palin (Vice President)
Republican National Committee Website
McCain/Palin Campaign Website

Green Party of the United States
Cynthia McKinney (President)
Rosa Clemente (Vice President)
Green Party of the United States Website
Cynthia McKinney Campaign Website

Peace and Freedom Party
Ralph Nader (President)
Matt Gonzalez (Vice President)
Peace and Freedom Party Website
Nader/Gonzalez Campaign Website

Democratic Party
Barack Obama (President)
Joe Biden (Vice President)
Democratic Party Website
Barack Obama Campaign Website

Remember, there are SEVEN candidates, not TWO... learn about them all, then:

2. Pick a Candidate
When I say "Pick a Candidate" I don't mean for you to fall under this bullcrap notion that I've heard all year long that "Well, I really like one of the 'third party' candidates, but they'll never win, so I have to vote for the 'lesser of two evils'..."

I've heard this from more people than I've actually heard people wanting to vote for John McCain or Barack Obama. Think about it, people... if everyone voted for the person they really think should be President (including write-ins) this attitude wouldn't exist and the elections would go MUCH differently than they do now; they'd go how they were MEANT to...

If you truly want to make your voice heard, vote for the candidate you really think should be President; especially if they are third party! So, again, educate yourself and pick the candidate you feel is best suited for this election... (and that's fine if you think McCain or Obama is best-suited... but please DON'T vote for them if you like another candidate better; VOTE FOR YOUR CANDIDATE!)

3. Vote
The one thing the media-at-large has done RIGHT this year, is to portray how important this year's election is. I don't need to spell out for anyone how many interesting (and scary) things are going on in our society right now. If we truly want "change" we need to shout out the message by voting for the APPROPRIATE candidate (see section 2 above.)

Remember, "If you don't get in line, you'd better not whine..." and "If you don't make a choice, you don't have a voice."

I'm not going to tell you who to vote for; and I'm not going to reveal who I'm voting for... because you need to educate yourself and make that choice. I'm actually still in the process of making mine... I'm about 90% sure about a couple of people I'd like to vote for, but am still making sure I read up on everyone and make a truly informed decision. I exhort everyone else to do the same...

... and not just for Presdiential/Vice-Presidential candidates; but for everyone you'll be voting for on 04 November.

God bless the United States of America... get out there and vote!


Me said...

So true!

And--along those same lines, I really WISH that the majority of people would realize that the Federal and State Senate and Congress/Legislatures have FAR MORE INFLUENCE AND POWER than any governor or president. Certainly, the governor and president puts a "face" on certain issues....but it is really the House and Senate (or legislature, depending on each state), that writes the laws, passes or doesn't pass the laws, and sets public policy. SO--if you're unhappy with how things are going, figure out whom really has the greatest influence and vote for/against those whom effect this situation. Honestly, the only time we seem to pay attention, for example, to the senate and legislative races is when the country wants to change the "majority" in the House and Senate. Otherwise, we just go with the status quo and never pay attention to the extensive amount of laws that influence our daily lives that are all written, discussed, voted on, and passed or not passed right under our noses in our state capitals and that really big "capital" on the "hill".

Thank you!

Mary P.

Anonymous said...

AMEN Jeff and Mary P. You guys are right on! So everyone else out there get ready cause Nov 4th is coming up fast. Not only do we get the privilege to cast our ballot, but all the media hype will be over! I think I'm as excited for that as Jeff was for HSM3.