02 September 2008

Tender Moments with My Family

Gwen's grandmother passed away last week and we headed to St. George for the funeral. It was a wonderful and honorable tribute to a great woman that has influenced all of our lives for good and we'll miss her. We're grateful she's returned home to her Heavenly Father and husband who passed a few years back; away from her suffering.

Gwen's family did something very special at both her grandfather's and grandmother's funerals; something I've never seen done before, but would love to see at more in the future.

Each of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren wrote down something special they remember about Grandma on a paper heart. The paper hearts were then affixed to a balloon (one heart per balloon) and we all released them together after the dedication of the grave, while a special song played on the loud-speaker. It was a very precious and tender moment.

As we watched the balloons fly high into the sky, my sweet compassionate Mandi burst into tears. As my loving wife brought Mandi into her arms to console her, my youngest daughter Kimmie cuddled in and my son Brennan came close to lend his support. I feared ruining such a tender moment, but felt compelled to capture it on camera as I was so moved by it myself.

Family is what it's all about, my friends... and it's times like these that are poignant reminders. So draw in your little ones... hug them, tell them how much you love them. Because no matter what life throws at you, they're what you always have, no matter what.

And cherish the special moments like this... they're what stay with you through time while the other things fade away.


Anonymous said...

Jeff, You are the Best. I didn't get any pictures of this moment, and don't really know the music, so this would only be a memory 'cept you captured it! THANKS. Oh and may I mention that you ROCK!

That One Guy said...

You are certainly welcome, Oma!

And did I mention that you rock MORE?! (No saysbacks...)


scrapsidaisy said...

That is an awesome picture. Thanks for sharing. I love a few good tears in the middle of the day.

Amy said...

Jeff, I love that, even though you're the original crack-up smart-aleck, you share the meaningful and poignant things here on your blog. That is definintely a great idea--maybe I'll suggest that for my own funeral.

heidi said...

What a fabulous idea and a touching memory.

Kasey said...

I think that is great way to honor them. I think it also helps to focus that they are still living just in Heaven. They can take all those qualities on those balloons right on up with them!!