27 December 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Wow, what a year. The Lord truly has blessed us this year and owe everything to Him who's birth we celebrate during this season.

As I type this, I'm holding one of my beautiful infant twin boys who are such a wonderful and amazing blessing in our lives. They're becoming quite interactive; their communication manifested by many smiles, giggles and coos. (Darn "shutter stutter"... hard to catch them in full-smile mode!)

Andrew is especially interactive; wanting always to be in the middle of the action. His eyes are big and always trying to absorb everything that is going on around him. His eyes will melt your heart into a dreamy puddle of that ever-so-tasty sugary-goodness sauce that is drizzled over the Asian Star's walnut shrimp dish (in their own words: "Shrimp prepared in an exquisite sauce worthy of an emperor.") - So will Ryan's eyes. Did I mention... Crazy Delicious?!

We were blessed with an amazing new home that came equipped with awesome new friends/neighbors; a fabulous new job which also came equipped with awesome new friends.

While all of it happened in a very short time and was incredibly stressful, we have no regrets; only thanks... thanks again to all who helped make it possible. Gwen wouldn't have survived her nearly 4 months of bedrest and bringing our twins into this world without the help of so many loved ones.

We love you all and hope your Christmas was the best ever. Ours was wonderful because of all of you; and most importantly, our Savior Jesus Christ.

So, let's talk about the New Year. The twins are finally starting to sleep through the night some and we hope this will be a steady pattern. If so, my resolutions for this year are to:

  • Lose some weight and get my cholesterol back down like I did a couple years ago. I slacked off and not only went back to where I was; but got worse. :) I have no willpowa...
  • Blog more (not Trogdor... Blog more) - I've had so much I've wanted to share and have hated not having the time to do so. I'm really hoping I can manage my time such to start posting more here.
  • Beat Super Mario Galaxy (I have to have ONE goal I can make sure happens... heh!)

Happy New Year everyone; we hope yours is awesome as you are.

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