30 November 2007

Reason #42 Why I Hate Windows Vista - Some CDs appear blank to Vista's Windows Explorer, but read fine when done from a Command Prompt window

Ok, most of you have heard my gripes about Windows Vista verbally, so the title doesn't make sense to those of you that haven't.

I've decided I'm going to start ranting about the problems I run into with Vista here in hopes that if enough people do the same (and believe me there are plenty out there...) Microsoft will get some of this crap fixed.

I have two older video games that I've tried to get to work with Vista that have previously worked with older Windows operating systems.

Two of them exploit a very interesting anomaly in Vista. If I put the CD in, it's name won't show up in the Vista Windows Explorer interface; though it will show the size used on it. If I try to Open/Explore the CD, I get the blank CD dialog that asks how you want to format the disc.

If I open a Command Prompt Window, on-the-other-hand, and do a "dir" command; I can see the files just fine. I can then proceed to launch the install of the game.

How did I find out about this? Luck of the draw... does it mean the given game will work? That I'm not sure... I'm installing one as we speak (Star Wars: Jedi Academy.)

The other I've tried is Titan Quest. Titan Quest works until I click on a merchant. Once I do that, I get booted out of the game and to the Windows Desktop without warning or reason why it did so. I'm not sure if that is a related bug, but I can reproduce it consistently on my laptop and find it equally annoying.

I'd love to hear from others who have had similar experiences; and to hear from those that don't have the same issue with their Jedi Academy and Titan Quest discs.
I have an Asus G2S-A1 laptop with Vista Home Premium.

Incidentally, both games work without these issues in Windows XP Pro and Windows 98SE (Jedi Academy) on multiple desktops in my home.

EDIT: Looks like Jedi Academy seems to work fine so far... I played some multiplayer with Brennan and had good luck... we'll find out later how Single Player fares.

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Me said...


My biggest problems with Windows Vista are related sort of. I can't use Window's Media with DVD's--I have to use a different DVD program cause the sound won't play on Window's Media. Also, this absolutely DRIVES ME NUTS!!! Sometimes when I'm writing (in any program--Microsoft Word, E-mailing on-line, etc), I'll touch the mouse to move it on the laptop, and instead of moving, it "drags", and then whenever I hit the next key, it erases everything I just wrote!!! Ugh--I have totally not figured out why that happens, or how. Luckily, I can almost always get everything back with the "Undo" --but, argh!!! Also, I'm not very adept at the "Control/Command" keying. I don't know them all--so there have been times with Vista where I know that if I just knew the Command, I could get something to work--but I don't know it.

Those are my complaints!