08 August 2007

Fun Motocross Madness 2 Screenshot

I was looking through some old FNG (Friday Night Gaming) screenshots this morning and had to post this one. It's from Roswell stunt quarry. Close Encounters of the Nac-Nac Kind

Yes, there was a crash... the UFO didn't fly away quick enough.


Martijn said...

How do you get the Rosswell track?

That One Guy said...

The Roswell track is part of the stock tracks that come with Motocross Madness 2.

It appears under Stunts and Tag modes.

Flitskikker said...

Yes, I know it's there.
Only I can't play it, because it's says it's classified.
How do I set it free?

Kind regards,

That One Guy said...

I thought that "Classified" was just a watermark since Roswell is supposed to be the big classified government area.

I've never had a problem playing it; didn't have to do anything to unlock it.

Sorry I can't help you there, but if I find anything out, I'll let you know. If you can't get it to work, reply to this and I'll post a copy of my Roswell file... maybe you can overwrite yours and make it go.

Flitskikker said...

Yes, you were right. :D
It was a watermark.
Stupid me. :P
Thank you so much!

BTW: When I'm standing on the UFO, and it flies away, I fall of.
How do you stand up the UFO without falling off?

Happy New Year BTW!

Kind regards,

That One Guy said...

Right on, Martijn! I'm glad you were able to get into the quarry alright.

You're better than I; as you were able to land and stay on top of the UFO long enough for it to fly away out-from-under you.

In my screenshot, that was my closest encounter with one so far, and I just wrecked into the side of it before it flew away.

I might have to ask you to send me a copy of your .vcr file of you geting on top of the UFO; or have you FRAPS it.

(FRAPS is FPS benchmarking and video capture software made by beepa.com and can be found on their website.)

Happy New Year to you too! Happy racing. :)

Flitskikker said...

Sorry for my late reaction, but I have problems with my internet connection.

I'll soon post the movie I made.

Kind regards,